What did I learn as a Teacher?
Posted on: February 7, 2020, by : Laxmi@kanta

First, I loved to be a true student. Once I recognised this, I asked how can someone teach such a true student? Intense contemplation over some time led to some interesting insights on teaching.  I would like to share this with you all.

We all love to teach the correct thing. Moreover, we would prefer to teach the correct thing the first time around. We become intolerant to learners who make mistakes. Teaching begins by being tolerant to mistakes!

So let us not try to teach the right idea first. Work with their misconceptions. Encourage their wrong ideas. Let us try not to be a machine that keeps correcting the learner’s mistakes. When this continues, the learner loses their ability to question, and eventually stop learning. If you want to join summer camps in Bangalore 

If a learner tells something wrong, what can I do?

Learner observes the world and makes their discoveries. It is a happy moment for them. They would love to share! Give them the time to be with their discoveries and appreciate their work. Be in awe of them drawing their own conclusions. The learner doesn’t come to the right understanding in the first go.  It would be nice if we appreciate their discoveries even if their discovery is wrong. First of all, do we know that they have discovered something! When we become aware of this, we can become a True Teacher. How wonderful would it be if a mother becomes such a wonderful teacher. Every child becomes happy. Happy children eventually become wonderful parents, and the journey continues. summer camp for kids 


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