A Perfectly Worn Bridal Lehangas Makes The Bride Look Appealing
Posted on: November 26, 2018, by : Laxmi@kanta

Most of us women grew up seeing our aunts and sisters in basic red or pink bridal lehangas for their wedding ceremonies. And frankly, that is a dream outfit for most single girls. A wedding is an event of a lifetime no wonder every girl wants to make the most of it. There are a myriad of cuts, designs and fabrics in the market when it comes to wedding collection.

While a wedding outfit can make the bride feel special and pretty like no other occasion, here are some tips that will ensure you look like a dream and add more elegance to your attire:

  • Choose the Right Fabric

This is an important point that you must keep in mind when you purchase your bridal lehangas. The fabric of your lehangas can make all the difference and hence it is important to choose one that goes with latest trends as well as body type. Silks are currently trending in bridal lehangas and can suit someone who is petite very well. You can look go for ikat pattu lehangas online shopping and check out ideas for your bridal lehangas in this evergreen fabric.

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  • Go for the Right Sleeves Cuts

The blouse of the lehangas is of prime importance but mostly neglected. Since most of the wedding photographs take upper shots of the bride, the choli becomes all the more important. Elbow length sleeves are ideal for bulky women while sleeves that cut off in the middle can make you look a little casual.

  • Lehenga Should Be Worn on the Right Spot

The right spot to wear your lehangas is right above the tummy and below your ribs, which is also the slimmest part of a girl’s torso. As a bride, it is obvious you want to show off your figure and look slim, this is the ideal way to ensure that. If you buy ikkat dupattas online sitarini is best site

  • Drape Dupatta Perfectly

The right drape of dupatta can make all the difference. If you have a heavier upper body and a round face, avoid the drape that falls on your breast in thick layers. Pin up the dupatta on your sides and let it hang like a saree so that it accentuates the slimmer part of your body.

  • Match it up with the theme

in the last few years, themes have started gaining a lot of importance. You might want to match your attire with the theme in terms of design, colour or fabric. You can wear silks and brocades to match up with the fabric of your groom’s sherwani. You can make a style statement with Ikat lehangas online shopping. Or you can buy matching kids lehangas for your flower girl. An almost teenage year sister or niece can also consider wearing a similar lehangas as the bride for a perfect wedding photoshoot, if not for the wedding than some other wedding functions like mehndi and sangeet. You can look for beautiful lehangas choli for 12-year-old online or get one designed at a local boutique near you. We also selling ikkat Dress Material here you can buy online

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